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Video: UCLA Gymnast's Epic Routine Is Going Viral

Nia Dennis of UCLA gymnastics.


An epic floor routine from a UCLA female gymnast is going viral on social media.

Nia Dennis, a 5-foot-1 senior gymnast from Columbus, Ohio, has gone viral on social media for her floor routines in the past. The All-American gymnast, who was part of the Bruins' 2018 national title team, went viral for a Beyonce-inspired floor routine last year.

Another one of Dennis' floor routines has gone viral on social media. This floor routine featured music from Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Soulja Boy, Megan Thee Stallion and Tupac, among others.

UCLA tweeted out a video of Dennis' epic routine.

ESPN's Katie Nolan summed up the performance. "gymnastics looks so much more fun now than it did when I was a kid. I went into rhythmic gymnastics because I didn’t feel like artistic gymnastics let you DANCE enough. and the establishment (then, at least) wanted to keep it that way. so this? absolutely rules," the ESPN personality tweeted on Sunday afternoon.

Dennis certainly makes gymnastics look like a lot of fun. She's also just ridiculously good at the sport, so good luck replicating what she does on the floor.