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Photos: A "Fire Steve Alford" Banner Is Flying Around UCLA

Steve Alford led the UCLA Bruins to back-to-back Sweet 16 appearances in his first two seasons at the helm, but things fell apart in year three. UCLA finished with a losing record, going 15-17 and missing the post-season.

As the losses piled up, the outcry for Alford to be fired has grown as well. Things appear to be coming to a head today, with a "Fire Alford" banner being flown through Westwood. 

">March 14, 2016

">@ccaarrllooss here u go

— 82ndAirborne96 (@82ndAirborne96) March 14, 2016

">March 14, 2016

Yikes. When these banners come out, the head coach usually doesn't survive. It will be interesting to see if UCLA AD Dan Guerrero feels enough pressure to make a move.