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UCLA's Steve Alford Says LaVar Ball Did Zero Meddling With Bruins This Year

LaVar Ball is a legitimate concern for any team looking to draft Lonzo Ball, but UCLA's Steve Alford is looking to assuage some fears about the sport's most infamous dad.

Earlier this month, Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton, who is presumed to be Ball's next coach, said that someone from the organization would be asking Alford about LaVar Ball's involvement with the team.

Alford has now publicly answered the questions that he's likely to face from NBA franchises.

The Los Angeles Times asked Alford about the eldest Ball's involvement with the Bruins this year, and the answers may be a bit surprising.

Steve Alford didn’t hesitate when asked about Lonzo Ball’s enthusiastic and controversial father, LaVar.

Was LaVar Ball around the team much?

“Zero,” Alford said.

Was he ever at practice?

“Never at practice,” Alford said. “Never at practice; never called me.”

Did he ever try to meddle in your coaching?

“Never,” Alford said.


“I’ll talk to them like I’m talking to you,” Alford said. “He was terrific. I had no dealings with him at all. He let me coach his son, didn’t get in the way at all.”

Ball does not have a hands-off reputation with every team his sons play for. There have been reports that he was involved in the resignation of the Chino Hills High School coaching staff, where younger sons LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball currently star. Both are verbally committed to play for Alford at UCLA.

If Ball is mostly concerned with branding, and lets the NBA coaches coach, I doubt there will be major concerns with him at the next level.

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