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Video: UCLA 4-Star Commit Rahyme Johnson Appears To Smear Icy Hot In Opponent's Eyes During Game

Rahyme Johnson, a four-star athlete in the 2017 class committed to UCLA, is currently facing scrutiny for allegedly smearing Icy Hot in an opponent's face. 

Johnson, a 6-foot-4, 190-pound prospect out of Los Angeles, allegedly rubbed the burning muscle cream in the eyes of an opposing player during a recent high school game. 

We now have video of the incident. 

From La Canada's Valley Sun:

It was an incident that happened roughly two minutes later that really changed the complexion of the game and the visiting team’s mentality. 

With Salesian on its own 12-yard line, the first play of the drive, a dive up the middle, concluded with La Cañada’s Angel Salazar running to the referee and then to his own sideline as he pointed to his face that had irregular substance on it.

The referee stopped play as Zerbel and the La Cañada sideline began to suspect that a Salesian player had sprayed or smeared Icy Hot or something similar on Salazar.

After a few minutes, officials could not prove what exactly happened, but said they would be reporting Salazar and Salesian’s Rahyme Johnson to the CIF. Johnson’s pants had a white substance on them and he was seen washing his hands and taking off his gloves. Salazar washed his face and seemed to be fine, but the incident was the stem of chippy play thereafter in a game that already had a plethora of penalties.

You don't want to know what goes on at the bottom of a pile is something that's often said by former football players. Smearing Icy Hot in an opponent's eye is, obviously, something that should never happen. 

This is a move that could cost a player a scholarship.