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Lane Kiffin Compares Nick Saban To Pete Carroll, Says They're Alike In At Least One Way

Lane Kiffin, as Alabama's offensive coordinator, is currently serving to college football's best coach in Nick Saban. It's the second time in the 39-year-old's career that he's been a part of the nation's premier coach's staff. Kiffin was a co-offensive coordinator under Pete Caroll at USC. 

How do Saban and Carroll compare? 

">May 30, 2014

"To see their systems, they're completely different," Kiffin told "But I think it reminds us in all our business, in everything that we do, it's not really what you do, it's about how you do it. Both those guys have exact beliefs and philosophies in everything that they do. Now they're completely different in how they do them, but they have a philosophy and a belief and the players and everybody in the building and in the organization understands that.

"As different as they are, that's really how they're so similar."

When it comes to on-the-field success, Saban and Carroll are very similar. Saban has won three national titles at Alabama and one while at LSU. Caroll, with Kiffin on his staff at USC, won the AP national championship in 2003 and the BCS title in 2004, which was later stripped by the NCAA. Caroll, as coach of the Seattle Seahawks, won the Super Bowl this past February. 

Kiffin, of course, was USC's head coach for nearly four seasons. He was fired during the middle of the 2013 campaign. His hiring at Alabama began with a simple phone call from Saban, who asked him to come and "hang out with us for a while" as the Crimson Tide prepared for their bout against Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. 

"I wasn't very busy at the time," Kiffin said. "To see the program there for eight days and the way Coach Saban runs the program and the process was really unbelievable for me to be a part of, and just to watch it. I've been a part of a lot of successful teams and programs over the years, but to see the way those players worked, the dedication, and the way the coaches worked, and the way coach Saban runs this program, when the opportunity came about for me to be able to join the program, it was a very easy decision."