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Lane Kiffin Spotted Sitting All Alone At USC's First Ever Women's Lacrosse Game

Forever alone.
Lane Kiffin on ESPN with his eyes closed.

Lane Kiffin truly is forever alone.

This past Saturday, USC featured the debut of their newest sports team, women's lacrosse. To mark this big game, USC held the team's season opener against the defending NCAA champion Northwestern Wildcats at the L.A. Coliseum. Needless to say, the fledgling Women of Troy were no match for the Wildcats, who have won seven of the last eight national championships, and lost 18-5. Still, for the almost 3,000 in attendance, the enthusiasm over the new program wasn't diminished.

But hey, this wouldn't be a USC story if the football team wasn't shoehorned in, right? Well, Reign of Troy's Evan Budrovichgave us a way to do just that with a picture of none other than The Visor watching the game, but on the other side of the stadium away from the rest of the fans.

It's a fitting picture for the infamous coach, as he seems to have the support of absolutely no one at Troy except for the athletic director that pays his salary. The departure of de facto offensive coordinator and Trojan alum Kennedy Polamalu brings the grand total of coaching staff departures to four. 

There was also Kiffin's attempt on Signing Day to focus on the 13 signees he managed to hold on to instead of the numerous decommits that cause USC to plummet from No. 1 in the recruit rankings in July to out of the top 10, but judging by the reaction around campus, Trojan fans would be more likely to trust an obvious Craigslist scam than anything that comes out of his mouth. This year, much like last year, will be all about Kiffin, not about his players. He is sitting on a seat that is hotter than any in recent memory, and nobody is interested in sitting next to him.