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Lane Kiffin Tweets Article Comparing Himself To Former White House Chief Of Staff Reince Priebus

Love him or hate him, Lane Kiffin continues to be wildly entertaining on Twitter.

Kiffin, serving as USC head coach, was fired on the tarmac after landing in Los Angeles after his Trojans lost in embarrassing fashion to Arizona State, 62-41.

It wasn't the only instance of Kiffin being embarassed via transportation during his coaching career. While serving as offensive coordinator at Alabama, Kiffin was left behind by the team bus after the Crimson Tide won the 2016 National Championship Game against Clemson.

It happened again ahead of a media session last December, after he took the FAU head coaching job but before he stepped away from Alabama.

Today, former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was involved in a somewhat similar situation right around the time that President Donald Trump announced that he had been replaced.

Here in the college football corner of the internet, a lot of people compared Priebus' ouster to Kiffin getting left at the stadium.

FanSided's Jack Jorgensen wrote an article about the comparisons between the two. Kiffin, who has a sense of humor about how things ended at USC apparently, tweeted out the article, along with the hashtag #Feel4U.

Never stop tweeting, Lane.