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Latest Coaches' Poll Released, There Are A Lot Of Changes

In short, college football's rivalry week did not disappoint. A number of highly-ranked teams - including Alabama, Florida State, Oregon and Ohio State - passed big-time tests against their main rivals. Some, however - like Mississippi State and Georgia - were knocked out of the College Football Playoff picture after crushing losses.

The Bulldogs' defeat means that a new team will be included in this week's playoff rankings. Will it be TCU, Baylor or Ohio State? While the debate rages on, we've gotten a look at the most recent Coaches' Poll. The Horned Frogs, Bears, and Buckeyes - in that order - make up the 4-5-6 slots in the rankings.

Here's the entire list. Arizona, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Ole Miss and Clemson are your big winners. Via USA Today:

1. Alabama
2. Florida State
3. Oregon
4. TCU
5. Baylor
6. Ohio State
7. Michigan State
8. Arizona
9. Kansas State
10. Mississippi State
11. Wisconsin
12. Georgia Tech
13. Missouri
14. Ole Miss
15. Georgia
16. Oklahoma
17. UCLA
18. Arizona State
19. Clemson
20. Louisville
21. Auburn
22. Boise State
23. Nebraska
24. LSU
25. Minnesota

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