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Marqise Lee Group-Texted His USC Teammates With A Photo Of UCLA WR Shaq Evans' Comments

Chatter matters.

The battle for Los Angeles has already begun. Yesterday, UCLA wide receiver Shaq Evans went on ESPN Radio and took multiple shots at USC's program - saying things like "they're struggling" and "we're going to try to embarrass them". He also added "I hate them". Via Scott Wolf:

“Knowing that we’re going to beat them again this year . . . Especially two years ago when they beat us 50-0. We owe them a little bit. This year, we’re going to try to embarrass them, honestly. They’re struggling, it’s just awesome to see that. I hate them. So I’m just loving it. I’ve always hated them.”

Strong words, no doubt. And while you'd obviously expect the Trojans coaches to use the rant as locker room material, it's the players who are already rallying behind one another. According to running back Silas Redd, wideout Marqise Lee group-texted his teammates a photo of Evans' quotes. Check this out:

The Bruins and Trojans don't square off until November 30th, but you can bet the animosity will hold over the two short months.