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Photo: Is USC Introducing New Mascots Soon?

What. Is. THIS?!?

Lane Kiffin might not be the only horror roaming the sidelines at the Coliseum in the future. Trojan Fever, USC Athletics' student loyalty group, has been trying to improve the gameday experience with games, free pizza, and giveaways. But now they might be going too far. To your right is a picture sent in an email to all USC students last week.

Yes, it seems that the majestic andalusian horse and the drum major with a sword may not be cutting it as mascots. That's why we may soon be seeing what looks like a cardinal and gold rip-off of Sparty and a anthropomorphic horse with an almost phallic head shape prancing around the sidelines and mugging for the camera.

Maybe USC thought Lee Corso needed a real mascot head for the next time he makes the Trojans his headgear pick. Or maybe they saw all the YouTube videos of the Oregon Duck goofing around and decided they wanted in on that.

Hopefully this goes the way of USC's attempt to change their uniforms and gets thrown in the wastebin. While we're at it, throw Kiffin's contract in there, too.