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Photo: Pat Haden Is A Wimp And Didn't Go Shirtless To Tonight's USC Game Like He Said He Would

He's a wimp.

Yesterday, USC athletics director Pat Haden entertained everyone on Twitter by claiming that he would be "going shirtless" for the game between the Trojans and Colorado tonight in Boulder. He was responding to a fan who suggested that USC schedule the Buffaloes earlier in the season if the game is to be played at Folsom Field, because of the cold weather. Along with the claim of going shirtless, he boldly stated "I am no wimp."

Well, it turns out that Haden is a wimp. He was fully bundled up for tonight's game:

Sure, it's in the 20's right now in Boulder, but plenty of fans have painted up in even colder temperatures than that. You've got to walk the walk too, Pat.