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Photo: USC Teases New Uniforms On Twitter

This past April, USC unveiled some new branding for what it called "design evolution" for the program. Friday, we learned that the team's football uniforms will be featuring some slight changes to incorporate the new look.

The school's equipment Twitter account posted a photo of "updated jerseys", which feature some changes to the collar and the numerals. Offensive lineman Zach Banner also tweeted out a photo. Here's more, via Fansided:

On first glance, the picture is of the conventional old USC uniform, but closer examination reveals a significant change — around the collar, the 2016 jersey appears to sport a new motif.

...the numerals on the jersey also match the new standardized number system, which is the first time USC has changed the typeface of the numerals in decades.

Here's the photo, which only shows the front of one of the team's jerseys.

">June 3, 2016

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