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Report: Snoop Dogg Was Waiting In A Limousine When Silas Redd's Plane Landed At USC

Pulling out all the stops.

Update: USC has released a statement claiming that Silas Redd has never even met Snoop Dogg:

"Silas Redd has never met Snoop Dogg, much less received a ride from him in any type of vehicle. USC head coach Lane Kiffin picked up Silas from the airport on his recruiting visit."

Yep, we've got a "he said, she said" over whether Silas Redd has met Snoop Dogg.

Earlier: After Penn State's numerous sanctions from the Sandusky scandal were announced last summer, Nittany Lions players were all given the opportunity to transfer elsewhere with no restrictions or penalties. While the majority of the program's players stayed put, a few stars left, including running back Silas Redd.

Redd eventually landed with the USC Trojans, a team that was ranked No. 1 in the AP Poll to start the 2012 season. But it may not have been the program's on-the-field prowess that sealed the deal for Redd - it may have been Snoop Dogg. A new book titled Fourth and Long: The Fight for the Soul of College Football, written by Michigan professor John U. Bacon, details USC's courtship of Redd. 

From Penn Live:

Kiffin said he recruited Redd "in true SC fashion" with his staff's lavish trip to Norwalk, Conn., to visit Redd and his family. Days after the visit, Redd flew to USC for the weekend, which ultimately sealed the deal on his departure.

What we didn't know before Fourth and Long was that rapper Snoop Dogg was waiting for Redd in a limousine when he touched down in Los Angeles.

Obviously, the school's use of star power worked, considering Redd left Happy Valley for Southern California. Unfortunately, the squad never lived up to its preseason hype, finishing just 7-6 on the season. Penn State, meanwhile, had a better-than-expected 8-4 campaign. 

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