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Report: Texas A&M Removes USC From Future Schedules, Trojans Say Games Were Never Actually Planned

The fans lose out on some great games.

Much of the talk around the SEC over the past few days has centered around the potential to move to a nine-game conference schedule. While the football coaches did vote 13-1 against expanding conference play, the one vote in favor has some serious pull -- Alabama's Nick Saban.

The reason Saban wants to play more SEC games is that he wants to beef up the strength of schedule for Alabama -- strength of schedule is expected to play a huge role in the decisions regarding who makes the four-team playoff that will begin in 2014. And it may be necessary to force teams to play a more difficult schedule, because some teams are currently busy making their loads lighter.

It was announced by CBS Sports that Texas A&M has cancelled an upcoming series with USC, citing that the Aggies have basically had to start over with scheduling since they moved from the Big 12 to the SEC. There's a little hitch to this story though -- USC says those games were never actually part of the schedule to begin with. The Aggies and the Trojans did have preliminary discussions back in 2009, but those talks never resulted in any games set in stone. The series in question was supposedly a home-and-home, set to take place in 2015 and 2016.

It is also rumored that Texas A&M is close to cancelling a future series with the Oregon Ducks as well. This move will undoubtedly hurt the Aggies' strength of schedule, but it will also give them a greater chance at running the table in these upcoming years.

All I can say is that those were some exciting games that were "planned" -- the real losers here are college football fans everywhere.