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Report: USC AD Pat Haden Met With The NCAA After Hearing The News On Penn State's Sanctions

Smart man.

Earlier this week, it was announced by the NCAA that it'd be working with Penn State to ease some of the sanctions levied against the school as a result of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. The folks at USC, clearly feeling that the situation presented a double standard, sounded off about how they too would like their sanctions reconsidered. Athletic Director Pat Haden even joked about the matter, telling reporters he'd "love to have some scholarships back". Well, it looks like he did something about it.

USC has released a statement from Haden, which details how he and Athletic Compliance VP Dave Roberts have spent the past two days in Indianapolis meeting with the NCAA on the topic. The third paragraph sums up the situation best:

"After learning of the NCAA's actions on Tuesday (Sept. 24) regarding Penn State and the lessening of the sanctions that were imposed on that institution, when viewed in the context of the events that have shaken intercollegiate athletics over the past year, we felt compelled to discuss USC's sanctions in a new light. As I have stated on numerous occasions, I believe the penalties imposed on our football program in 2010 were unprecedented and inconsistent with NCAA precedent in prior cases. I also believe the sanctions have resulted in unintended consequences both for our football program and our student-athletes. Although the sanctions reduced our total football scholarship limit to 75 (down from 85), attrition resulting from injuries and transfers has resulted in less than 60 recruited scholarship student-athletes suiting up for our games. The current situation is certainly not what was envisioned, nor is it in the best interests of our student-athletes' welfare.

Haden goes on to write that the NCAA has asked him for additional information, and that he's hoping for a response "as soon as practical". We'll keep you updated.

You can read Haden's full statement here.