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Report: USC Special Teams Coach John Baxter Wrote A Book Titled "I Hate School"


University of Southern California special teams coach John Baxter has heard from kids forever that they hate school. He believes that is the wrong attitude, and set out to help change it.

Baxter, along with his friend Clint Stitser, decided to write a book titled I Hate School -- according to the book's website, it will help share the strategies that Baxter has learned throughout his career to help motivate young individuals:

"By reading this book, you will receive a toolbox full of coaching points and concepts that will have immediate application in your personal life, and your professional life. Very quickly and with amazing clarity, you will begin to see yourself or someone you know in every story."

You can check out a trailer for the book below:

The title may be a bit misleading at first -- this is definitely a pretty cool book and idea from Baxter.

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