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Report: USC WR Marqise Lee Signed Autographs In Miami Too, But Didn't Get Paid For Them

The Trojans don't want any trouble.

The University of Southern California does not want to run into the same problem that Texas A&M is with the NCAA. Today, the school released a statement that Marqise Lee, like Johnny Manziel, did sign some memorabilia while in Miami before the BCS Championship Game. However, after investigating the situation, USC made it clear that Lee did not receive any payment or incentive to sign.

Per the release:

"USC recently received an inquiry that floated Marqise Lee's name and the autograph signing situation in Miami that has been in the news lately.

"As is USC's policy, USC immediately and diligently investigated the inquiry. Last January, Marqise and other college football award winners were in Miami to be honored by the Orange Bowl Committee at the BCS Championship Game. While there, Lee signed several photographs, some that were personalized, for an individual who represented himself as a fan and collector. Some of those photos have since been offered for sale online.

"USC has determined there was no NCAA infraction and is in the process of sending a cease-and-desist letter to the individual demanding that he stop selling any photos signed by Lee."

Marqise Lee also commented on the situation:

"I believed that the individual who asked me to sign the photos was a fan and collector. I did not ask to be paid, I was not offered anything, I did not get anything and I did not authorize my autographs to be sold.

"I will make no further comments regarding this statement or anything related to it."

Pretty interesting to see USC getting way ahead of this one to clear its name from potential scandal -- the university doesn't have great history when it comes to NCAA punishments.