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Sportsbook Bovada Posts Pac-12 Championship Odds For Every Team

The Pac-12 should be very interesting this season, and Bovada has posted odds for every Pac-12 team. Oregon is a favorite as always, and Stanford is right there as they usually are, but UCLA and Arizona State are in the mix for a conference title after good 2013 seasons as well. With new coaching staffs, USC and Washington fans have high hopes for their clubs too. 

Oregon: 6/5
UCLA: 4/1
Stanford: 5/1
USC: 5/1
Arizona State: 6/1
Washington: 14/1
Arizona: 25/1
Washington State: 25/1
Oregon State: 33/1
Utah: 66/1
California: 100/1
Colorado: 100/1

Whether or not the odds are too high, the fact that Mike Leach has Wazzu right in the middle of the pack is a credit to his ability. USC shooting up that high after changing coaches is also interesting; despite the disparity in odds, Washington fans probably wouldn't swap staffs with Southern Cal right now.

You can also take a look at the odds for the SEC, ACC, and Big Ten.