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Spurrier Trolls Clemson, Calls Southern Cal "Dabo's Favorite USC", Cites Trojans' 2012 Collapse


Steve Spurrier is world famous for his colorful quotations and comments that fire up the college football world. Today, he gave a talk at the Columbia TD Club, and as always, he fired some shots that are sure to rile some folks up.

When speaking about keeping his team focused and not letting preseason hype go to his players' heads, Spurrier quickly brought up the demise of the USC Trojans in 2012 -- if you recall, they were ranked number one in the preseason before falling out of the AP Poll together. Spurrier said that the Trojans serve as a reminder for what could happen to South Carolina if the team isn't focused. Of course, he then decided to make a few jokes on Dabo Swinney and Clemson:

There's never any love lost between South Carolina and Clemson, is there? And now that's twice in one week that USC's poor 2012 campaign has been brought up to keep teams focused -- Louisville's Charlie Strong used the same example for his Cardinals, as well. Sorry, Lane.

You can listen to the actual audio of Spurrier's talk here -- he starts the above segment of the talk around the 9:20 mark.