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The 5 Most Overrated Teams In Week 3’s College Football Coaches’ Poll

Now that the college football season is in full swing, and we're getting a better sense of each squad's strengths and weaknesses, looking at teams' rankings and calling them overrated is a little easier. 

As always, there are a few teams that likely don't deserve their ranking in this week's Coaches' Poll. It could be because of a poor recent performance, lackluster results against a weak schedule, or simply that the team was too highly rated to start the season.

Which programs do we mean, specifically? Here are the five most overrated teams in this week's poll.

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5) No. 21 USC

If you can explain what happened to USC on Saturday night, I invite you to try. The Trojans were physically dominated by Boston College, and while it was only a six-point win by the Eagles, that doesn't tell the whole story. Boston College racked up an absurd 505 yards of total offense, with 452 of those yards coming on the ground. USC, meanwhile, ran for 20 yards on 29 carries, and while QB Cody Kessler had a nice night, it wasn't enough to save his team.

This is especially strange, because Southern California took on Stanford a week before and performed admirably against the Cardinal's rushing attack. USC also ran the ball well against Stanford. Maybe Saturday can be chalked up as a bad day, or perhaps Boston College is just far better than people are giving it credit for. But for now, the Trojans don't deserve to be ranked No. 21 in America.

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4) No. 10 UCLA

UCLA deserves a ton of credit, because the team took down Texas in Arlington despite being without star quarterback Brett Hundley for most of the game. Backup quarterback Jerry Neuheisel performed admirably in relief en route to the team knocking off the Longhorns, 20-17. In fact, you can argue that this was the best all-around game that UCLA has played this season, and that once it has its starting QB back, the team may be worthy of a top-10 ranking.

However, one can also argue that UCLA hasn't earned its ranking yet. It's also a little strange that both UCLA and BYU have played Texas, and while the Bruins took down Texas by three at a neutral site, the Cougars annihilated the Longhorns by 34 in Austin. Despite this, UCLA is ranked 13 spots higher than BYU. While it's usually tough to use common opponents to say one team is better than another, and while UCLA was using a backup QB for most of the contest, that's a little strange, no?

We really want to see UCLA play up to its potential for a full game. Until then, the Bruins are not one of the 10 best teams in the country.

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3) No. 2 Alabama

Is Alabama the second best team in America? If you answered "yes," how do you figure? Other teams have big victories over ranked teams, while Bama's best win was against West Virginia. The Crimson Tide have looked solid all over the field, but the team's offense hasn't looked particularly explosive -- although to be fair, that may change once Blake Sims gets more game experience in Lane Kiffin's system -- and the defense hasn't looked as good as past Kirby Smart defenses.

Most of Alabama's ranking comes from reputation, talent, and the fact that over the past half-decade, it's probably the most well-coached team in America. However, it hasn't produced the way other schools have produced so far this season, which is why in college football's other major poll, the Crimson Tide are not the No. 2 team in the country. Right now, give us Oregon or Oklahoma over Alabama. If this Crimson Tide team is worthy of its lofty ranking, we'll find out very soon when SEC play starts.

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2) No. 12 Ole Miss

Ole Miss is one of five SEC West teams ranked in the top 12 in the country - an absolutely insane statistic. The Rebels, who won just three conference games a year ago, were expected to take a big step this year and compete with the big boys of the league. And to be fair, they are 3-0 and haven't had much trouble with any opponent this year. But based on who they've beaten, they do not deserve to be anywhere near where they are ranked.

The Rebels have defeated Boise State, Vanderbilt and Louisiana-Lafayette so far this season, and take on Memphis next Saturday. The Broncos are the only bowl team in the group. We will find out if Ole Miss is for real when it has to run through Alabama, Texas A&M, Tennessee, LSU and Auburn in consecutive weeks. If they even win three of those games, we'll know they're a real contender.

Yes, Ole Miss has done a great job on the recruiting trail and seems to have the pieces in place for success, but we'd like to see them actually beat a ranked opponent before they themselves wind up in the top ten.

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1) No. 1 Florida State

Florida State had a bye last week, but that doesn't exactly mean things have been quiet in Tallahassee. The Seminoles, who many already believe aren't as good as they were a year ago, now have to deal with their starting quarterback, Jameis Winston, sitting out for a half against rival Clemson. This is the week we'll actually find out if FSU is overrated - if the Seminoles can dominate the Tigers regardless of Winston's presence, it'll be a sign that they are still elite. 

Given the fact that Florida State hasn't lost a game in the past two seasons, it's hard to argue that they aren't deserved of their ranking. But if you're just looking at results from the 2014 season, there are a number of teams that have looked more impressive on the field. Fans always argue that the polls are generally not reflective of just results - they take into account perceived talent, hype and what the program accomplished the year before. Florida State's No. 1 ranking is a perfect example.

The Seminoles probably need to go undefeated to reach the College Football Playoff and defend their national title. We're not saying that it's not possible - we're just saying that right now, they look more vulnerable than they did a year ago.

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