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The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases In College Sports: FSU Twitter Region

College sports fans, though passionate and loyal, can also be really, really annoying. But who's the worst of the worst? We've gone through and picked out the 64 most annoying fan bases in college sports. You guys are going to tell us which deserves to be crowned the most intolerable of all. You can vote on the #BBN Region here, the #WeAre Region here and the #PAWWWL Region here.

The 64 Most Annoying Fan Bases Bracket

College Spun's "most annoying fan bases" bracket.

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1. Duke Basketball Fans vs. 16. Arizona Basketball Fans

Duke fans vs. Arizona fans.

Arizona fans are a bit full of themselves, but nothing like Duke's - supposedly.

2. Florida State Football Fans vs. 15. Baylor Football FansFans of a team that reached the College Football Playoff vs. fans who believe their team should have reached the College Football Playoff.

Florida State fans vs. Baylor fans.

3. USC Football Fans vs. 14. Rutgers Football Fans

USC fans vs. Rutgers fans.

Fans who are more concerned with celebrities than football vs. fans who would have a hard time getting a celebrity to attend a game.

4. Fans Who Tweet At Recruits vs. 13. Ole Miss Football FansFans who enjoy tweeting at 17-year-old kids vs. fans who really like to tailgate.

People who tweet at recruits vs. Ole Miss fans.

5. West Virginia Football Fans vs. 12. Conference Realignment Rumormongers

West Virginia fans vs. Conference Realignment conspiracy theorists.

Fans who burn couches too often vs. fans who think conference realignment is a game of musical chairs.

6. Florida Football Fans vs. 11. NCAA ApologistsFans who hate former coaches vs. fans who think the NCAA has a clue about what it's doing.

Florida fans vs. NCAA apologists.

7. North Carolina Basketball Fans vs. 10. Michigan State Basketball Fans

UNC fans vs. Michigan State fans.

Fans of two storied programs who have their own fierce in-state rivalries.

8. Oklahoma Football Fans vs. Kansas Basketball FansFans of two squads whose teams consistently under-deliver in the postseason.

Oklahoma fans vs. Kansas fans.

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