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The Chip Kelly-To-USC Hype Train Has Left The Station

Chip Kelly: next head football coach of the USC Trojans? 


It's, of course, all speculation and pandering right now. But with USC struggling - the Trojans (3-2) fell to Washington Thursday night - and Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles off to a 1-3 start, the talk of the former Oregon coach replacing Steve Sarkisian in Los Angeles has begun. 

After USC's loss to the Huskies, USA TODAY's Dan Wolken wrote a column titled, "Flailing USC needs Chip Kelly as its coach, not Steve Sarkisian." 

">October 9, 2015

From the column:

The answer for USC is easy.

Though Chip Kelly is reportedly committed to seeing it through with the Philadelphia Eagles, there would not be a more perfect marriage between team and coach than jumping to the Trojans.

If Kelly could dominate the Pac-12 at Oregon, there is no ceiling on what he could do at USC.

Wolken isn't the only one hyping up the possibility. 

Earlier Thursday, on FOX Sports' "The Audible" college football podcast, Stewart Mandel listed USC as one of Kelly's potential destinations if he decides to return to the collegiate ranks. 

">October 9, 2015

And, unsurprisingly, there are dozens of USC fans on Twitter calling for Sarkisian to be fired and Kelly to be hired.

We're likely months away from even getting to really consider this as a legitimate possibility - it's doubtful USC fires Sarkisian mid-season and it'd be stunning if Kelly left the Eagles before the end of the regular season - but it's really fun to think about.