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USC Claims Fake Representatives Are Reaching Out To Prospective Coaches


Earlier this morning, former Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy went on The Dan Patrick Show and claimed that USC's "people" had contacted him about potentially coming aboard to coach the Trojans. Now we're hearing from the school that it apparently wasn't a real USC rep - check this out:

The school posted a statement to elaborate on both this instance and another that involves the Denver Broncos' coaching staff.

In one instance, a person falsely identifying himself as a high-ranking member of the USC athletic department attempted to make contact several times with the Denver Broncos' coaching staff to discuss the Trojan job. That person has been identified by USC and appropriate action is being taken.

In another, someone claiming to represent USC reached out to a contact of former NFL head coach and current NBC broadcaster Tony Dungy, who said on today's Dan Patrick Show that he had no interest in the Trojan job. That person, again not a representative of USC, also has been identified and USC is in the process of contacting that individual.

According to the school, AD Pat Haden was "surprised" when he heard what Tony Dungy had to say on The Dan Patrick Show this morning. More as we learn it.