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USC Fan Makes Fake Craigslist Ad For A New Head Coach

USC craigslist advertisement for a new head coach.

usc new head coach steve sarkisian

USC was supposed to be a national title contender in 2015, but after losses to both Stanford and Washington, many are feeling underwhelmed by what they've seen on the field. Couple that with head coach Steve Sarkisian's alcohol-infused snafubefore the season even began and you've got the recipe for an upset fan base.

One Trojans supporter has taken to Craigslist to help the program look for a new head coach already. The fan is looking for someone with a "basic understanding" of both clock management and offensive play calling.

Craigslist advertisement for new USC Head Coach.

It's unlikely that Sarkisian is on the hot seat, given the fact that this is just his second year at the helm in Los Angeles. But if he doesn't return the Trojans to form soon, anything is possible.