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USC Got Its Sun Bowl Cleats Today, And At Least One Player Is Unsatisfied

The Trojans haven't joined the new uniform craze.

Withloads of schools buying into the new uniform trend set by Oregon, USC has been one school thathas stayed out of the craze. When John McKay first added the Trojan logo to the helmet in 1972, the uniform went unchanged for almost thirty years, until Pete Carroll switched the shoulder stripes on the jerseys to chevron stripes and added the SC logo on the collar. Other than that, it's been forty years of the same uniform, and many SC fans have taken pride in that tradition.

So when rumors spread last year that SC was planning alternate uniforms that included black helmets, fans broke into an uproar over the possible changes, and the plans were dropped, though the black helmets are still in storage somewhere on campus. Even when USC announced that the team would be wearing cardinal red cleats this season instead of the traditional black cleats with white laces, there were still complaints from the fanbase.

With that in mind, it's unlikely that Trojans fans will like the new cleats that the Trojans will be sporting for the Sun Bowl. Fullback Soma Vainuku, who was one of several players to reveal the shoes on Instagram, doesn't seem to like them either.

The first thing that comes to mind is...Ronald McDonald.