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USC QB Cody Kessler Is Upset That Fans Are Questioning The Trojans' Heart And Effort

Fans are going too far.

Never has it been easier for fans to interact with their favorite college athletes than it is today, and we're not quite sure that's a good thing. Through social media, fans can connect with players and coaches, keep up with their day-to-day activities, and send them messages, for better or for worse. Unfortunately, we've seen quite a bit of the "worse" popping up recently.

After USC lost to rival UCLA last night in the Battle for Los Angeles, the Trojan players have been facing questions about their heart and effort. This seems a bit ridiculous considering the turnaround that has occurred since the firing of Lane Kiffin, but it hasn't stopped fans from doubting their team. In fact, things apparently got so bad that quarterback Cody Kessler took to Twitter with a message for those with questions:

It's very cool that Kessler is willing to stand up for his teammates and Coach Orgeron, but it's sad that he has to do so at all. These words obviously come from the heart, and it's clear that the negativity has struck a chord. Props to Kessler for addressing things head on and having a good attitude about things, and hopefully his words resonate with a few people who felt the need to openly criticize the players.