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USC's Andy Enfield And UTEP's Tim Floyd Fight In The Bahamas

The feud over Issac Hamilton reaches a boiling point.

So much for being Mr. Nice Guy. Since becoming the men's basketball coach at USC, Andy Enfield has made quite a few enemies, especially since the release of a Men's Journal article that featured quotes of Enfield taking potshots at UCLA's Steve Alford and UTEP's Tim Floyd. Enfield and Floyd have feuded in the past few months over UTEP recruit Issac Hamilton, who asked Floyd to release him from his letter of intent to he could sign with USC. Floyd denied the request and accused Enfield of "tampering," according to ESPN. During a lunch with boosters that was mentioned in the Men's Journal piece, Enfield said this: 

"Tim Floyd shows up every day at work and realizes he lives in El Paso, Texas,and he's pissed off that he didn't get the USC job two months ago."

Well, Floyd has reached his breaking point. During the welcome reception at the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament in the Bahamas, which USC and UTEP take part in starting tomorrow, the former USC coach let his successor have it. From Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis:

In case you forgot, Bob Cantu was a long-time USC assistant coach and became the interim head coach last season after Kevin O'Neill was fired, which means that Enfield has drawn the ire of not one but TWO members of the Trojans' past. USC and UTEP are on opposite ends of the bracket, with the Trojans facing Villanova and the Miners facing Tennessee. If they face off at some point in this tournament, expecting plenty of technical fouls. 

And if you want to connect this to football (because we can never stop talking about USC football), you can add Enfield's remark about El Paso to all the trash talk that the Trojans made about the West Texas town when they went to the Sun Bowl last year. In theory, the winner of the USC-UCLA game is projected to play in the Sun Bowl, but don't be surprised if the Sun Bowl committee decides that they don't want the Trojans back this year and invite the Bruins regardless of the outcome. USC probably wouldn't mind though, as it would mean they would head off to the Las Vegas bowl instead. 

You can read Seth Davis' full account of tonight's fight here.