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Video: Brett Hundley, Luke Gane Maintain The Peace At UCLA As "Campus Enforcer" And "Hype Man"

A cocky, loud-mouthed 20-something-year-old is making a disturbance in the middle of your English 110 class. He's talking, flirting with the cute girl next to him, and blatantly ignoring the lecture on AP Style. 

What do you do? 

Call UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley, apparently. (On the Southern California campus he's also known as "Campus Enforcer) 

The video, produced for UCLA's annual "Spring Sling" stars Hundley as "Campus Enforcer" and fullback Luke Gane as "Hype Man." It also features coach Jim Mora and shows Hundley and Gane tearing through UCLA's campus. They stop kids from smoking, silence library talkers, and prevent USC fans from mocking the Bruins' campus. 

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