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Video: UCLA's Jim Mora Calls Himself An "Asshole"

True freshman quarterback Josh Rosen, a former five-star recruit, is the projected starter for UCLA. Head coach Jim Mora hasn't named him the starter yet, though, and is definitely going to make him earn it. During yesterday's practice, the media watched Mora blast Rosen after a lazy Hail Mary pass during a drill. Los Angeles Times writer Chris Foster caught the entire tirade.

“You’re not at ... Bellflower St. John Bosco,” Mora screamed. “That’s why you have not been named the starter.”

Rosen threw another Hail Mary and Mora got colorfully descriptive:

--“You can’t hit an open receiver down field with no defense.”

--“The ‘Anointed One.’”

--“Go back to Bosco and beat some more [bad] teams.”

Finally, Mora looked at the members of the media present and yelled, “Tell your readers that is why has not been named the starter.”

Mora was asked about the blowup after today's practice, and provided a bit of context.'s Jack Wang has video from Mora's presser.

">August 20, 2015

">August 20, 2015

">August 20, 2015

It still sounds like Rosen will wind up being the starter as a freshman, but he still has work to do to get there.