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Watch: ESPN Producer Reveals The Only School To Turn Down College GameDay

In the 30-year history of ESPN's College GameDay, only one school has declined to host the event.

ESPN College GameDay senior coordinating producer Lee Fitting sat down for an intriguing Q&A with ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi at this week's SVG College Sports Summit. The back-and-forth featured a really deep dive into the world of GameDay.

Fitting broke down the entire site selection process, his advice to young producers, his favorite GameDay signs of all-time, and more.

Fitting also named the only school to ever turn down the opportunity to host GameDay. The answer? Cal.

There you have it. Good to hear that the Bears are willing to host the show in the future. Now, they have to improve their program enough to earn the opportunity.

This year's first College GameDay will be at Alabama-Florida State in Atlanta on Sept. 2. For our feature predicting where the show will be the rest of the fall, click here.