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Video: Utah Head Coach Kyle Whittingham Tells Shannon Spake She Has "Nice Leather Pants"

Utah's head coach surrounded by fans

Apparently, FOX Sports sideline reporter Shannon Spake was wearing some nice leather pants Saturday night.

Utah held off BYU in the Holy War on Saturday night, 20-19, after the Cougars tried and failed on a two-point conversion attempt with 18 seconds to play. After the contest, FOX Sports sideline reporter Shannon Spake interviewed Utes coach Kyle Whittingham.

At the end of the interview, which you'll see below, Whittingham compliments Spake on her "nice leather pants." She's very appreciative of the gesture.

We're not sure exactly what Spake is wearing, but they must be something. Here's a photo she posted earlier in the day.

We'll update this post if a photo ever emerges.