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Video: BYU Fans Were Upset After Loss To Utah, Threw Trash At Refs As They Exited Field

Not cool.

The Holy War is taken very seriously in Utah. This year, the war began before the game even started, when a Utah official forwarded a photo of BYU linebacker in a club that lead to the player's suspension for the game.

Then, the Utes followed that up by a winning a physical, low-scoring game, 20-13, at LaVell Edwards Stadium. Suffice to say, the Brigham Young faithful were not pleased.

In fact, BYU fans were so upset, and felt they were cheated by the referees, that they decided to pelt the zebras with trash as they left the field -- ouch.

Maybe it made a few people feel better, but that's not a good look for the BYU fan base.