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Here's A List Of The 25 College Football Programs With The Most Arrests In The Last 5 Years

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Ever wondered which college football program has to deal with its players getting arrested most frequently? Apparently Mike Rosenberg, a former reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, went through over 900 arrests on to put together some statistics on which programs are the most frequent offenders. In the end, he found that Washington State, over the last five years, has the most arrests in the country.

Florida, Georgia, and Texas A&M came in ranked 2-4. The SEC wound up with 11 of the top 25, all in. Ohio State, the defending national champion, came in ranked 26th.

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— Mike Rosenberg (@RosenbergMerc) August 18, 2015

Florida State, which has been under the microscope this past offseason due to a few notable incidents, is tied for 10th with Tennessee. Does the data surprise you?