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Washington State's Mike Leach Will Sometimes Ask A "Janitor In The Hall" For Coaching Advice

When it comes to college football coaches, Mike Leach is pretty out there. Washington State's head man has been described as "America's quirkiest coach," has an affinity for pirates, and once cussed out a colleague after beating him 42-0. 

Sometimes, he'll seek out the advice of a janitor in the hall, too. 

">May 18, 2014

In an appearance on SportsTalk with Bo Mattingly, Leach detailed why it can be beneficial to listen to anyone who has advice. 

“I’m one of those guys that, football-wise, I’m thinking about it all the time,” Leach said. “I might ask the janitor or whoever’s just in the hall. They might throw something out like, ‘Your linemen are playing real high.’ All of a sudden, I’ll get conscious of it. Once in a while, they’re right. Once in a while, it drags my attention to something that needs to be addressed. As a coach, you’re always too close to it and may not see everything.

“You get some nonsense, there’s no question. But the nonsense, you have to sift through it quickly. Once in a while, a fresh set of eyes will see something where, in the back of my mind, I’m going, ‘I’m sitting here watching it every day. How did I not see that?’”

Washington State went 6-7 in 2013, losing to Colorado State in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl. 

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