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Washington Star WR Dante Pettis Costs Team Chance To Tie Game With Lateral Interception

Dante Pettis makes huge gaffe at end of Fiesta Bowl.


For a few seconds, it looked like Washington would have a chance at a Hail Mary to set up a tie or a win. Then Dante Pettis did this...

Dante Pettis has had a very strong college career at Washington. Last year, as part of UW's College Football Playoff team, Pettis caught 53 passes for 811 yards and 15 touchdowns. This season, he topped that receptions mark with 62, going for 721 yards and seven scores.

Pettis is an absolute burner, so with Washington down 35-28 with just seconds left in the game, it made sense to get the ball in his hands. Washington did so brilliantly, with a perfect hook-and-latter play. Pettis picked up a big first down and had the chance to step out of bounds with at least seven seconds left at the Penn State 48, to set up a throw to the end zone.

Instead, he lateraled the ball towards the middle of the field. The only problem? There were at least six Penn State defenders between him and his ostensible target, offensive lineman Coleman Shelton, who was probably not a candidate to take the ball the remaining 48 yards to the end zone.

Instead of a Jake Browning shot at the end zone, Penn State's Brandon Smith made the big recovery on the lateral with five seconds on the clock, sealing the Nittany Lions' Fiesta Bowl win.