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24 Photos From My All-Access Day At The Georgia - Vanderbilt Game

You wouldn't believe just how fat Uga IX is.

This past Saturday, I got to travel to my alma mater to attend the UGA vs. Vanderbilt game.

Normally, I'd be in the student section cheering on the Dawgs with my fellow students, but this time, I got a different perspective -- from the field. Because of some sweet connections, I got a coveted "all-access pass" and freedom to roam the sidelines, the student section, the replay control room, and, as my pass phrased it, "anywhere inside and outside of Sanford Stadium."

Here are some of the best pictures I got while the Bulldogs teed up between the hedges.

About 2 hours before the game, the cheerleaders arrived with their pre-game gear.

They got lined up to welcome the UGA players to the Sanford Stadium.

College football's coolest mascot (biased opinion) led the players to the field.

Damian Swann and Rantavious Wooten walked through the line just before Aaron Murray.

The team was slow moving before the Vandy game.

This sleek Uga statue probably weighs less that Uga IX. He is ridiculously fat.

The Bulldog has a great view.

I was so excited for Uga IX (aka Russ) to get to the stadium that I took a picture of his house. Note the bag of ice to keep him cool. I'm surprised he doesn't have his own AC unit.

Everyone in the front row of the student section gets painted up to cheer on the Dawgs.

These guys have scary dedication...literally. Check out that terrifying armor.

I was amused by the Vandy players dancing during warmups.

This is the room where they control everything on the jumbotron screen. It's a busy place.

I hopped on over to the student section for the pre-game worship session. This is the part where everyone in the stadium stands and points to the "Battle Hymn" soloist.

There was plenty of booing as the Vandy players walked onto the field.

I was mercilessly attacked by the scary Vanderbilt Mascot...

I got in the way of the Vanderbilt band as it filed onto the field for its halftime performance.

I knew my iPhone shutter speed was too slow to catch the upcoming TD in photo form, so I snapped this picture and proceeded to record a video of the TD...

...but the rude ESPN photographers got in the way of my video...the nerve.

After they moved, all that was left was an empty end zone.

The Vanderbilt players were getting a pep talk. I guess it didn't work since Vandy ended up getting crushed.

Hairy Dawg was much kinder than the Commodores' mascot, and he kept his distance while posing for a pic.

 MY FAVORITE! Uga IX let me snap a picture while he relaxed in his house.

He's so cute and fat! I love him!

UGA QB Aaron Murray was chilling while Jarvis Jones and the Dawg's D took care of the Commodores.