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AJ McCarron Thinks The Heisman Trust Really Needs To Consider Character Off Of The Field, Shot At Winston?

Arguing his case.

It is seemingly a foregone conclusion that Florida State's star QB, Jameis Winston, will win the Heisman Trophy tonight in New York City. Last year's winner, Johnny Manziel, already was giving advice to Winston yesterday on how to handle the hype, even though Manziel is still in consideration for the honor again. The other candidates are Alabama's AJ McCarron, Boston College's Andre Williams, NIU's Jordan Lynch, and Auburn's Tre Mason. 

Today, AJ McCarron talked a bit about the award, and decided to argue to his case with a not-so-subtle shot at Winston:

Certainly Winston has been in the headlines recently for the extremely controversial sexual assault allegations. The case against Winston was dropped, so their is great debate about whether it should be held against his character at all. But there is no disputing that McCarron has made all of the right moves off of the field in his career, and has handled himself with real class. 

The debate over character has really come into play the last several years, as a number of winners in the last decade have been surrounded by scandal (Reggie Bush, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, etc.), but we have yet to see a winner really take home the award purely because of personal values and actions off of the field. I'm not sure that that changes in 2013, either.

You can read the full Heisman mission statement here.