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Alabama's Depth Chart Lists A 5-Way Tie At Starting Quarterback

Update: Others are interpreting the depth chart as having Coker, Bateman, and Morris in contention for the starting job, with Barnett and Cornwell behind the first three. Either way, there is not a lot of clarity when it comes to Alabama's quarterback position.

Earlier: Alabama head coach Nick Saban is notorious for keeping things close to the vest, but he may be taking things to a new level with this year's starting quarterback decision. Alabama put out an updated depth chart this afternoon, and it features five players splitting the starting quarterback job.

">August 31, 2015

Conspiratorial fans can read into the order of the players listed if they want. The players don't seem to be slotted alphabetically, or by year or number, but they also could just be listed randomly. Anyway, we probably won't gain much clarity on this race until the Crimson Tide hit the field against Wisconsin on September 5 at 8 p.m.