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Alabama Dad Mows 'Script A' Into Front Lawn To Celebrate Son's Decision To Attend UA

Alabama logo put on someones Front Lawn.

Alabama Front Lawn

It's certainly common for parents to support the college that their child chooses to attend. Most of the time, they express it by wearing tee shirts, hoodies and hats with the school's logo. One decided to take things to another level. The father of a high school senior named Pearce O'Donnell, as you'll see below, mowed and painted Alabama's "Script A" logo into his front lawn. A friend of the family posted a photo of the masterpiece to Twitter.

According to O'Donnell, his father was excited that his son, the oldest in the family, got a sizable scholarship to Alabama. His mother also attended the university. The logo was first outlined with spray paint, and later mowed in.

Impressive, for sure. Roll Tide, America.