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Alabama Football: ESPN's Brett McMurphy Recalls Awesome Line About Alabama Fans' Field Rushing Tendencies

Rushing the field got more expensive for SEC football teams today. 

The conference updated its bylaws, trying to prevent its fan bases to rush the field after big victories. A first field-rush offense will cost a school $50,000; a second offense: $100,000; a third offense: $250,000. 

One school probably doesn't have to worry about this new policy: Alabama. The Crimson Tide have never rushed the field at Bryant-Denny Stadium. 

After the news of the policy change, ESPN's Brett McMurphy recalled an awesome line an Alabama staffer once told him about Crimson Tide fans. 

">@SloppyMonkey: Tide has never rushed the field

— Brett McMurphy (@McMurphyESPN) May 29, 2015

Hyperbole? Maybe. But it's not that hard to believe.