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Alabama Has A Bunch Of Ridiculous Quotes Attributed To “National Media” In Its Meeting Room

Alabama football has been almost universally chosen to beat Washington in tomorrow's Peach Bowl, but that doesn't make good bulletin board material.

ESPN's Holly Rowe was in Alabama football's meeting room, and grabbed a picture of some of the motivational material hanging up. It includes your standard Washington "We Want Bama" sign, and what is essentially a "why not us?" quote by UW lineman Kaleb McGary.

And then there are two quote attributed to the "national media." And apparently, in Alabama football world, the entirety of the national media thinks that the Crimson Tide is getting a bit big for its britches, and is going to be taken down a notch by the Huskies.

One quote reads "Washington will beat Alabama because Alabama is overconfident." The other: "Washington hands down has the best secondary in the country."

As you may soon discover, the "Washington will beat Alabama because Alabama is overconfident" quote doesn't really exist. Certainly not from the overarching "national media." For example, ESPN polled basically its entire college football staff about the game, and not one person took Washington to upset the Tide.

The closest thing we could find to this quote is from Washington beat writer Adam Jude's piece in The Seattle Times: "10 reasons the Huskies can beat Alabama."

10. Alabama’s overconfidence

That confidence, that swagger, that aura of invincibility — whatever you want to call it — has been earned, of course. Alabama has won four national championships in the past eight seasons, and there’s talk — and evidence — that this could be Nick Saban’s best team yet.

But confidence is one thing. Overconfidence is another, and from afar, at least, the sense is fans and media around Alabama are already looking past UW and anticipating a national-championship matchup against either Clemson or Ohio State.

A number of Washington-based writers, and others, have written similar pieces about the ways in which Washington can upset the Tide. That does not make it a national narrative.

The secondary quote seems to be paraphrased by an Atlanta Journal-Constitutionpiece by Dan Raley: "7 things to know about Washington."

Hands down, this position area has more star power, pro prospects and unbridled confidence than any other at Washington. In rebuilding the program, Peterson redid the defense first and came up with a defensive backfield that has no equal in the Pac-12.

The entire section is very reasonable. Washington's secondary is awesome. And later in that same article?

It can’t. No one will pick the Huskies to upset Alabama. Atlanta is the heart of the SEC, making it a Crimson Tide home game. Alabama already has reservations to the CFP title game in Tampa. Everyone says the Tide have no equal here.