Skip to main content's SEC Shorts Spoofs Ole Miss Fans Who Tore Down Goal Posts After 2014 Alabama Win's SEC Shorts punks Ole Miss with hilarious parody video where the crew that stormed the field in 2014 is unaware they actually lost to Alabama football on Saturday after jumping out to a 21-0 lead.

It's the stuff of nightmares. Your team is up big, a win is basically a foregone conclusion, so you turn off the game and do something else, all while bragging about your team's prowess on Twitter and Facebook.

Except your team doesn't win, they have a meltdown of epic proportions and lose and you look like an ass. That's what happened to Ole Miss. Up 21 points in the first half, victory seemed certain, but Alabama football was having none of that. The Crimson Tide came back and won 48-43.

So in the wake of that historic collapse,'s SEC Shorts decided to rub some salt in the fresh wound by creating a parody video clowning on cocky Rebel fans.

Watch these poor Ole Miss fans get a reality check when they realize they'll be carrying around the 2014 goalposts for at least a couple more years.