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Alabama Football: Video: Alabama's Nick Saban Isn't Nearly As Intimidating A Father-In-Law As You Might Think

A couple days ago, a Knoxville, Tenn., sportstalk radio host posed a fun question on Twitter. 

">June 2, 2015

The answer to the latter question - which SEC coach would you least like to have as a father-in-law? - was almost unanimously Alabama's Nick Saban. It makes sense. The 63-year-old four-time national champion is ridiculously successful and seems to be pretty intimidating. 

Maybe it wouldn't be that bad, though. 

This morning, Saban went on The Dan Patrick Show. During his appearance, he discussed his daughter's wedding which took place this past weekend. His daughter's now-husband was also a discussion topic. 

Saban talked about the young man, what he thinks of him, how he proposed to his daughter, etc. All in all, Saban comes across as a pretty-solid father-in-law.