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Alabama Has The Best Chance OF Winning The SEC, Per ESPN's FPI

The Crimson Tide has the best chance of winning the SEC by a large margin.

You're never going to believe this, but Alabama is favored by ESPN's FPI (Football Power Index) to win the SEC this upcoming season.

Shocking, I know.

According to ESPN's FPI, there's a 48 percent probability that the Tide clean up the SEC and win the conference. Auburn comes in with the second-best odds to win the SEC at 22 percent, and Georgia and Florida lag behind at 10 and eight percent, respectively.

Check it out:

The odds aren't great for everyone else.

Tennessee has a 4.1 percent chance of winning the conference, and as for the rest of the SEC, no other school checks in at over one percent.

In addition to winning the conference, Alabama has a 10-percent chance of going undefeated according to the FPI, with the toughest matchups bookending the regular season. The Crimson Tide kick off the season with a matchup against Florida State, and close it with the Iron Bowl versus Auburn.