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The Alabama-UCF Feud Is Still Going On During The Offseason

The Alabama-UCF debate was a fierce one toward the end of last college football season. There were many who felt the undefeated Knights were shafted out of a legitimate chance to win the national title, while others countered that Alabama was the true champion and would have beaten UCF anyway.

UCF even declared themselves national champions and their fans taunted Alabama on its home turf. The athletic directors of both schools got involved as well.

The feud is continuing into the off-season and the NFL Draft process. Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick, a potential top-10 pick in next week's draft, pulled no punches when discussing a hypothetical 'Bama-UCF tilt.

Fitzpatrick predicted a "50-plus to 10-minus,'” final score in an interview with SEC Country.

“I wanted to play them so bad,” Fitzpatrick told SEC Country. “I was all busted up after this season. But I said, ‘I’ll play another game if UCF wants to play another game.’ I would have definitely done it for sure. I’m competitive. I don’t want anybody else claiming that they’re the champions when we’re the real champions. So I would have went out there all busted up, beat up, strapped up, whatever I had to do, to go out there and show them who the real champions are.

"Man, we would have whooped up on them boys. It wouldn’t have been close.”

UCF star Shaquem Griffin, himself an NFL Draft prospect, responded to Fitzpatrick on Twitter.

We admit that we'd love to have seen these teams play each other. It would have been a lot of fun.

However, last season is over. Can we all please move on here? Maybe?