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Alabama, Washington Players Accuse Each Other Of Taking Cheap Shots During Peach Bowl

Alabama vs. Washington was a heated affair, and after the game Crimson Tide and Husky players accused each other of cheap shots.

Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster accused Washington players of trying to get he and his teammates fired up and kicked out of the game. An ejection could have impacted a player's eligibility in the first half of the national championship.


"I was very surprised, man," Foster said. "If you're about to lose, take it as a man. Don't cheap shot somebody just to get them kicked out of the game."


"They were saying a lot. I can't say what they were saying but just know they were saying a lot of disrespectful stuff. It was my fault that I let it get to me and I'm sorry for that. It's not going to happen again because I know what their mindset is on. I should have realized what their mindset was on and that was to get us ejected out of the game."

Washington players had similar accounts of what happened late in the game, when flags flew for unsportsmanlike conduct and a few brief scuffles broke out. Star wide receiver John Ross said he was cheap shot by Alabama defenders.

"I got cheap-shot," said Washington receiver John Ross. "But it's football. You get back up, and you live."

Emotions clearly ran high towards the end of the Peach Bowl. Jonathan Allen reportedly called Washington players "soft," according to ESPN's Brett McMurphy. He was involved in the late game brush-ups, and backed up Foster's accusations against Washington.

Alabama won the Peach Bowl 24-7, and faces the winner of tonight's Clemson-Ohio State game in the national championship.