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Alabama's Cade Foster Thanks His Family, Friends, And Fans For Support Following Twitter Harassment


After No. 1 Alabama was upset by Auburn this past Saturday, things got ugly for Crimson Tide kicker Cade Foster. Foster had missed three field goals in the game, and angry fans became beyond irrational, taking to Twitter to hurl death threats and vicious criticism directly at him. Thankfully, the fans with cooler heads began to support their kicker, and the awful tweets sent to Foster were spread around as a shameful reminder to fans about how to not handle defeat.

Several teammates of Foster's also came to his defense and reprimanded the "fans" that were way out of line. Today, Foster finally returned to Twitter (after the initial threats were sent his way, he deleted his picture off of Twitter and hid his name) and expressed thanks for those who supported him:

It's good to see him back on Twitter -- there are plenty of awful, awful people out there, but it's great to not let them get the best of him.