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Alabama's Defensive Players Are Competing For WWE-Style Ball-Out Title Belt During Scrimmages

When you play for a program the size and stature of Alabama's, your motivational tactics go beyond simple praise and prodding. Sometimes, you have to put a large, golden WWE-style championship belt in front of your players to get them to reach their full potential. 

This spring, Alabama defenders are competing for the Ball-Out belt. It's gaudy, with a golden football on the front bearing the words "Ball Out Champion" and Alabama's logo, and it's awarded to the defensive player that tries to produce takeaways during team scrimmages, according to Tide linebacker Reggie Ragland. 

"The coaches (thought of it), because a lot of people weren't really stripping at the ball this past season and we had a down year with turnovers," Ragland said. "That gave the coaches an idea for guys to start getting after the ball and get the ball out."

That belt is some serious swag. I wouldn't want to give it up, and it appears Alabama players are going all out to try and earn it this spring.

">April 8, 2015

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