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Alabama's Landon Collins Takes Shot At Auburn: "The Fluke Stuff Will Not Happen This Time Around"

We've all seen the play at least a dozen times by now. Chris Davis, senior cornerback, made Alabama pay for attempting a 57-yard field goal with one second left on the clock, taking it back 109 yards in one of the greatest college football finishes in history. We're just two months away from the start of the 2014 season, but it looks like fans and players still can't stop bringing up the end of the 2013 campaign.

Given the fact that the Tide missed three field goals before that moment and out-gained the Tigers by over 100 yards, many fans have claimed the result to be a fortunate one for Auburn. It looks like Landon Collins, who plays safety for Alabama, agrees. He called this year a "season of reckoning" and added "the fluke stuff will not happen this time around". It doesn't take a genius to figure out what he's referring to.

This isn't the first time Collins has taken a shot at a team the Tide lost to in 2013. Back in April, he got into with both Oklahoma players and fans on Twitter.

As for whether the play was a fluke - it doesn't really matter. Sure, it's rare to see a game end on a missed field goal return for a touchdown, but Alabama had numerous opportunities to put Auburn away and didn't. Either way, the 2014 matchup will be completely different. Let's just hope it's as exciting.