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Arizona Cardinal Darnell Dockett Tweeted His Phone Number To A.J. McCarron's Beauty Queen Girlfriend, Katherine Webb

Bet he has a new number

Chances are, Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett has a new phone number after he accidentally tweeted it to Katherine Webb last night. Not only did he tweet it to Webb; it reached any lucky follower who saw the post.

Apparently, Dockett wanted to direct message the Alabama QB's girlfriend and invite her out to wings and a strip club (really romantic), but he accidentally tweeted his number publicly.

Even though Dockett ended up deleting the tweet, word has spread of the humorous proposal. Later, A.J. got in on the conversation and tried to defend his Alabama beauty queen, but he ended up asking Dockett for a job as Arizona's QB.

Here's a screenshot of the original Dockett tweets.


And here's the conversation that ensued after McCarron chimed in.